Meet Irene

As a Results Coach, I specialise in guiding people through moments of uncertainty, helping them find clarity and achieve their goals both personally and professionally. My passion for making a difference has given me three decades of experience contributing to non-profit organizations, governments, and businesses worldwide, holding roles such as CEO, board president, consultant, change manager, mentor, and international speaker. As the founder of Neighbourhood Connect, I've pioneered initiatives fostering community, friendship, and support through local networks.

Through keynote presentations and publications, I've shared insights on building connected communities and combating loneliness, emphasizing the transformative power of social connections. My commitment to driving positive change is reflected in my contributions to research and organisational development, striving to create inclusive and effective environments. 

I've designed and facilitated workshops on self-development, communication, conflict resolution, relationships, separation/divorce, grief and loss, parenting, managing change, teamwork and stress management, empowering individuals to thrive in various aspects of life. Drawing from my own life experiences, including raising children, navigating separation and multiple moves, and embracing diverse cultures, I understand the complexities of the human journey. I've encountered moments of joy, setbacks, heartbreak, and profound loss, cherishing the value of family and enduring friendships.

Together, we will overcome obstacles such as procrastination, self-doubt, and conflicting beliefs, enabling you to unlock your full potential. With a focus on results and expertise in communication, strategy, conflict resolution and dynamic coaching I offer a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate lasting change.

If you're ready to embrace change and live a more satisfying, connected, and meaningful life, I'm here to cheer you on as you take action and find your path to fulfilment. Together, let's embark on a journey to the life you’ve only dreamed of until now.


Internationally Certified Results Coach (Authentic Academy)

Certified Expert Coach (Champion Academy)

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Inspire Education)

Qualified Mediator (Family Mediation Centre)

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology / Communication Skills / Economics – Monash University)

Master of Social Welfare Administration and Planning (Queensland University)

Family Therapy (Melbourne Family Therapy Centre)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Training (QC Seminars)

Moving through Loss and Grief (National Association for Loss and Grief)

Leadership Program; Performance Management (Oxfam Australia)

Cross Cultural Communication (Partners in Cultural Competence)