New Leader & Team Integration Process

New CEO, Manager or Team Leader? Team effectiveness is too important to leave to chance. It can take 6-12 months before a team with a new leader operates on all cylinders, and some teams never get there.

Oppertunity Consulting’s New Leader and Team Integration Process is designed to get the team firing on all cylinders from the start.

This program has been used by thousands of leaders to help in the rapid development of a strong, positive working relationship between a new leader and the team. The process is based on the premise that an effective relationship needs a considerable amount of shared understanding, developed primarily through open, two-way communication.

The process starts with a meeting with the new leader, followed by a two session process where the team discusses their hopes, expectations, concerns and priorities (first session without the new leader, the second led by the new leader). The final step is a meeting with the new leader for feedback and forward planning. The crucial matters of team values, leadership style and work styles can be dealt with proactively through this process, especially when combined with team development activities.