“My staff learned a great deal from Irene’s training. I highly recommend Irene for her outstanding skills in organisational development and training.”

Manager, City Planning, City of Casey, Victoria

Organisational Development

“Irene undertook a quality improvement project for us. She is a versatile worker, a strategic thinker, has excellent analytical skills and has delivered on agreed outcomes.”

Kerrin Benson, CEO, Multicultural Development Association, Queensland

"I loved everything about your workshop. The role playing activity was both fun and realistic to demonstrate the need for our organisation to be more culturally responsive. Your workshop was a great stimulus to get our Board discussions rolling. It was lovely, as a workshop leader and facilitator for over two decades, to be on the receiving end of such great training!"

Board member, Queensland statewide not for profit organisation

"Irene held a mediation with a body corporate committee that we support, speaking with the members individually and then facilitating a comprehensive mediation. With Irene's help, they came to over 30 agreements. The difference between the committee meeting held prior to the mediation and after was like night and day. Afterwards they communicated much more respectfully and constructively. This was a very worthwhile process."

Owners Corporation Manager


"Irene, I would like to express my thanks and that of my staff for the training you did over the two days in July. All the staff were delighted with both the planning and delivery process which helped them identify training of interest and relevance to them. The training delivered met all my and my staff's expectations. Having tailored training delivered to all staff in house is essential for organisations like ours and your mix of activities ensured that all participated and enjoyed as they learned."

 Eileen McGee Service Manager ROPE Association Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found Irene truly inspirational. I have gained insight into the advocacy process and acquired some of the necessary skills.”  Michele Lindsay Lesbian Health Action Group

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop, it really gave me some great tools to work with, and I love your style and approach, as well as your emphasis on self reflection....that really helps to break down barriers between students and teacher. Fantastic!”  Albertina Banks Cross Cultural Trainer 

"I've gained tools to improve my communication, particularly in difficult situations."

"I've gained different ways of thinking and looking at people."

"It helped me identify my communication style and have more insight into others." 

"It was interactive, with practical tools and examples. I've gained a variety of tools to take back to my team."

"I've gained insight on areas I could work on to improve my team. Feedback and suggestions from others were helpful."

"I liked the role plays. I've gained insight into myself and the way I interact with colleagues

"I gained some new tools, insight into different styles of supervision and some confidence."

Mentoring / Supervision

“Irene supervised me in my work with multicultural communities over several projects at the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ).  Irene’s feedback was always constructive and insightful, delivered in an inclusive, direct and respectful style.  She always added value to my work. Her analytical skills are extraordinary and her sense of integrity is admirable.  Irene is one of the best supervisors I have ever worked with.”

Anna McCormack, Multicultural Community Worker


"Irene, it was a pleasure working with you.  I personally gained a lot from you as a mentor, coach, work colleague and a friend.  I will take the learning that you have transfer to me.  I have already put into practise last week some of my learnings that I gained eg:  I co-facilitated training for all managers on performance management with a consultant last week and applied the facilitation skills you taught me and it really works.."

 Thelma Namusu, Human Resources Manager, Oxfam Solomon Islands

“Irene, your hard work on the project really supported the outcomes that were achieved for multicultural communities.  It has been a real privilege to have your mentoring.”

Letitia Casegrande, former Project Worker, Harmony Place, Queensland


“I came to Irene for advice about the way forward for the Lesbian Health Action Group. Irene has been of immense help in giving me insight, knowledge and skills as regards the whole process of advocacy and campaign planning. I wish my group had had Irene's help when we started just over a year ago: learning how to focus our efforts, how to plan to get the changes we need, realising we don't need to do everything ourselves as we can build coalitions and strategise, tailoring our message to suit particular target audiences and utilising our allies. All of this would have saved us valuable time and energy. Nevertheless, I feel fully energised now. Irene has inspired me to share my new tools with all the other women in my action group, and has given me the confidence to ask again for her help, knowing that she is completely non-judgemental, empathic and extremely supportive.

I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Irene's services as an expert organisational development and systems advocacy consultant.”

Michele Lindsay, founder and member, Lesbian Health Action Group

"Irene authored a series of reports which reviewed each Queensland Government Department's plans to implement inclusive service planning and delivery. Irene's high level conceptual ability and strong research skills resulting in these reports being presented rationally and logically, with a focus on evidence and achievable steps forward. Queensland Health was able to improve its approach to multicultural health by implementing a number of recommendations make in these reports. I consider that Irene has directly impacted on improvements in inclusive service planning and delivery by Queensland Health through her advocacy work."

Manager, Queensland Health Multicultural Program, Queensland Health

"The Queensland Health Strategic Plan for Multicultural Health 2007-2012 incorporates many of the recommendations of the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland’s review of all departmental 2005–2006 Multicultural Action Plans. Twenty four “good practice” examples identified in the review have been included in this Strategic Plan. In addition, the Plan also addresses each of the ten recommendations made in the Council’s review of departmental 2006-2007 Multicultural Action Plans."

Uschi Schreiber, Director General Queensland Health, Queensland Health Strategic Plan for Multicultural Health 2007-2012

“Irene has produced some really valuable resource materials on advocacy “Culturally Responsive Service Delivery”, and “Changing the System- What Works?” - I still refer to these, and refer others to them also.   Irene’s advocacy expertise and wisdom helped us to establish two very successful initial meetings to address access to interpreters in 2008.  These meetings helped pave the way for the establishment of the Queensland Access to Interpreters Working Group.”

Lalita Lakshmi, CAMS Co-ordinator (Community Action for a Multicultural Society)

"As ASHRAM (Agencies Supporting Housing for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants, a branch of Queensland Shelter) convenor Irene did a fantastic job to engage grassroots participants and stakeholders to identify housing issues affecting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds leading to the ASHRAM “Call to Action”. This document and forum gave a voice to CALD communities, increased community awareness and led to positive initiatives by government and community organisations to address housing issues affecting migrants and refugees."

Irene has a great ability to work from a grass roots level, identify strategic advocacy opportunities and work with others to develop effective resources and advocate positive change."

Wendy Herman, Tenants’ Union of Queensland