Personal Effectiveness Coaching

"Irene's coaching changed my life. I have known for 30 years that my main problem in life was lack of assertion and had attended many assertiveness training courses in the pursuit of happiness. After a few one to one coaching sessions with Irene I started doing things I had been talking about for years. I was amazed how actually being assertive made it easier to do it the next time. Irene is able to isolate the main issue and is not afraid to say what needs to be said. I thoroughly recommend her."

Marie Deane, Business Owner

Relationship Coaching

"Irene provided me with coaching around relationship issues, processing a heartbreak and my wish for a fulfilling intimate relationship in the future. Irene’s style was gentle yet focused, allowing me to systematically explore an unhelpful belief I had, diminish its power and strengthen my beliefs around self-worth. I am now making wiser choices and enjoying the process more. I recommend Irene’s coaching service without reservation."


Starting a new business with the Results Breakthrough Coaching Program

"I completed the 8 week Results Breakthrough Program with Irene, as I felt the need to get myself more focussed and targeted in my thoughts and actions in relation to building my new small business.  Although we were focussing on starting my business, I busted through a lot of blocks that I hadn't focussed on or even realised were there. Resulting in a lot more positive momentum and action taking to get my business up and running in a timely manner with a lot more positive motivation to keep it rolling. 

The program is very well structured and easy to work with. The exercises, visualisations and thought experiments are targeted and well developed, which helped bring a lot of clarity to my direction.  Irene is compassionate, very understanding but also quietly focussed and very well organised, which shines through in the delivery and execution of the program. She has great experience and knowledge to back up the techniques, which made me feel safe to go through my motions in a safe and constructive way.  She held space for me in the most profound ways, allowing me time to let my thoughts spill out and make sense of the spaghetti in my brain.

I came into the program with a definite plan but no real idea how to keep myself moving forwards with it and I left with great clarity and plenty of really clever organisational tools to help me keep myself on track to achieving my goals and dreams. I can recommend Irene, her coaching methodology and program to anyone that really wants to shift the blocks and get moving on any area of life you feel stuck on.

Thank you Irene, you truly made a big difference and I am extremely happy I decided to work with you."

Andrea Warren, Life Coach and Energy Healer