Irene Opper

Certified Results Coach  

Individual and Group Coaching  


"I didn't think life would be like this!" 

"This is not where I thought I'd be at this stage in my life"

Do you:

Lacking Connection, Heart broken, Going in circles, Down, Frustrated, Wasting Time

You're not alone. Humans are tribal and we crave connection. We suffer when we experience conflict, disappointment or loneliness. We may remember times we have felt purpose, passion and vitality, and wish we could get that back. We may want to feel more satisfied with our work or community contribution. Sometimes we struggle to let go of the past and that sucks our energy in the present.  

The Solution?

Unleash your Potential! 

Life Re-Set  8 week 1:1 Coaching Program

You will:

1 Get crystal clear on your goals and see your ideal life in vivid detail

2 Dissolve all the trapped emotions, past events, unhelpful beliefs and conflicted values that slow you down

3 Crack the code of powerful communication and conflict resolution to connect on a deeper level

4 Feel energised and take the actions you choose to make your new life a reality

5 Have your personal champion to take you on this journey and give you accountability (that'll do the trick!)

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" Albert Einstein

Is it time you reached for a better life?

Book a free, no-obligation Discovery Call, to gain clarity on your path and explore if I am the right coach for you. Coaching is available world-wide as it is most effective by phone, from the comfort of your home.

What Clients say:

I came into the 8 week Results Breakthrough Program with Irene with a definite plan but no real idea how to keep myself moving forward with it, and I left with great clarity and plenty of really clever organisational tools to help me keep myself on track to achieving my goals and dreams. I can recommend Irene, her coaching methodology and program to anyone that really wants to shift the blocks and get moving on any area of life you feel stuck on.

Andrea Warren

"Irene's coaching changed my life. I have known for 30 years that my main problem in life was lack of assertion and had attended many assertiveness training courses in the pursuit of happiness. After a few one to one coaching sessions with Irene I started doing things I had been talking about for years. Irene isolated the main issue and is not afraid to say what needs to be said. I thoroughly recommend her."

Marie Deane, Business Owner